Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cross country 2016

I was at my last lap
I was the third to last place
The second to last place and the last place was catching 
up fast.  
1. I ran in the 9 years old race.
2.I felt tired and my heart was about to jump out my chest after the race.
3. I  have to run 4 laps(1500 meters).
4. I felt great about not going to Minogue park for cross country because I don't have run in muddy puddles.
Nisha came in the third place.

Age 10 race winners
Poppy racing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wacky Olympics

On last Friday the senior syndicate had a wacky Olympics in the hall, on the library deck and on the field.
Above: Room 14 class photo.

The wackys are like the real Olympics,there are gold, silver and bronze medals,student athletes, events such as such as:
paper plate discus
coin(counter) toss
wheelbarrow races
straw javelin.
Each class has it's own country to represent. Room 14s country is Swaziland.
Above: Adam won a bronze medal.

We have a torch relay as an opening ceremony, in torch relay, each class choose a person to represent their class in the torch rally, the Representative of each class runs around the basketball co,holding the wacky Olympic torch.
Above: Paper plate discus winners.


Thursday, June 30, 2016

clay sculpture reflection

1. I'm creating a sculpture that looks like  strange snowman.The sculpture has 4 strange shapes coming out the side and 2 lines coming out the top.
2.The sculpture is called aliens and space;the message is to respect all cultures and people no matter how weird they're.
3.The thing I enjoy the most so far is to score and slip,score and slip is used to connect pieces of clay together; if you don't score and silo,your clay will fall apart.
4.I did not find anything tricky.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Museum trip/vist

On Wednesday,week 5 we went to the hamilton museum to look at Zena Elliott and other artist.

I see some of Zena Elliott's art work and other 2d/3d art work.I learnt that art can be anything and art is the highest form of language and the different types of art. My favourite part is to make our own Zena Elliott work because its the only thing I can keep.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flox art rreflection

The first step to make our Flox (Hayley King) artwork is to draw a circle using a plate on a piece of sugar paper. Next, we cut out the circle and the animal stencils. Then we sponge paint around the flower stencil and the animal stencil.Lastly, we went around the main images using sharpies. 

 The hardest part I found when doing my art was the sponge painting over the stencil because the stencil kept on coming off the paper and it was making a big mess. 

 The easiest part I found when doing my art was going around my art work in a sharpie pen. 

 The part I like the most about my finish piece was the technique. 

 If I could do my art work again I would think of a better way to keep my stencil still on my paper.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flox artsits

Our term focus is creative experors and that's why we've been learning about Flox.

Flox's real name is Halely king and she has been in Hamilton last week to do a art on the back of the libraily.

On the left is a photo of flox doing her art work.
On the right is a photo of flox's steiles and the artwork.

Flox always use nature and stencils to do her art and has illustrated a book.She started with painting on people's shirt and then started painting on people's wall.She has used many layers on her art and have a blank space on the top middle of her art.